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Top 5 Best Photography Books Every Photographer Should Read

As a professional photographer, I’ve read plenty of books that have been written on photography. And if you are planning to become a professional photographer you may want to check some of these books. These books not only help you to gain knowledge about photography but also will increase your skills. As a photographer, I have read dozens of books on photography and I always recommend my students to read them to. If you are already a professional photographer you know the value of reading photography books. In the past few years, I asked many professional photographers with whom I worked or I know, they all suggested reading photography books that actually teach you techniques of photography. They suggested many books and I found that few books are very common among them and almost 90% of reading the same book (even me). So here I made a list of top 5 photography books and where you can find them. I hope this helps you.

1. Studio Anywhere


About the book: This helps to learn behind-the-scenes photo techniques. This book also tells about the aesthetic decisions that need for learning photography. You will get the complete workflow of Photoshop and Lightroom software and how to work on these tools. It is one of the best photoshop books also.

When Should You Buy it: When you want to create images with minimal equipment and want to learn the photo editing concept. You can find it on Amazon.



2.Bryan Peterson’s Exposure Solutions

Bryan-Peterson’s-Exposure-Solutions-lensforphotographyAbout the book: This book is aimed at the amateur photographer. This book is for those photographers who struggle in many situations like when exposing high-contrast scenes to freezing action in low light when photographing a full moon when exposing subjects against a sunset sky when balancing subjects in shade with brightly lit backgrounds and many others. It is also a DSLR book for beginners and also books on night photography. You should use this if you want to take great photographs.

 When should you buy it: When you want to learn how to take control of exposure even in the thickest situations. You can find it on Amazon.


3.Picture Perfect Practice

About the book: This book makes sure you have total knowledge about locations, poses, and execution before taking any photograph. This helps you to unlock the photographic opportunities lying beneath every situation. You should read this if you want to take great photographs.

When you should buy it: This book helps you to take photos into any location under any type of lighting condition, with any gear and subject. Picture Perfect Practice provides with tons of tips to make your photo look alive. You can find it on Amazon.


4.Speedliter’s Handbook

Speedliter’s-Handbook -lensforphotographyAbout the book: Latest edition of one of the most popular books Canon Speedlites ever written. This book is equally informative for both amateurs and professionals who want to improve their skills with these small camera flashes. This is complete photography books for beginners to pros.

When should you buy it: You can learn about Speedlite, how to manually tame the sun using manual and E-TTL mode. This also helps to get the beautiful shots by using balance ambient light and helps to create engaging portraits using both on off-camera flash and on-camera flash. You can find it on Amazon.

5.The Art of Photography


About the Book: This book is described as the most readable and understandable photography book of all time. This is the complete textbook on photography you will find out there. The Art of Photography contains more than 1000 meaningful and awesome illustrations. The illustrations come in both black-and-white and color which makes the illustration look more beautiful. This book is for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced level photographers. The photographer who wants to make a personal statement on their profession, this book is for them. This is the complete guide to digital photography. It is a time life photography books.

When should you buy it: If you want a book to provide a complete beyond technical photography knowledge with philosophical expression. You can find it on Amazon.