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Top 10 Tips to Photograph Your Kids

First, let me tell you that I’m not someone expert on photographing children. I just enjoy shooting family photography sessions. Photographing children is not that much easy I would say. However, as I’m a professional photographer, I have the all-round knowledge of most photography facts including taking children photographs. From my experience of taking photos of families and kids, here I’ve prepared the top 20 tips that might help you to take some decent and excellent looking photos of your kids. Recently I’ve spoken with some mother who is desperate to take meaningful excellent looking photos of their beloved children. Then I realized that most parents really don’t know the technique of taking good photos of their kids.

I’ve written this post as a selection of top 10 tips to help you take better photos of your children. This can help you to take children’s model photography. Some tips may apply to other photography subjects but let’s just focus on getting some great snaps of your beloved little angels. Remember to mention in the comment box. If you have any great tips to share with me as well, I also need to learn.

Top 10 Tips to Photograph Your Children

Some of the tips here may be technical but also it depends on your psychology. With all portrait photography, taking a great compelling photo starts with how you engage with the subject. The tips that I’ve given are all beginner-friendly so you should not be facing any problems. So, let’s begin.

  1. Get Your Kids Used to Camera: You may know that being an adult we are also a bit nervous when it comes to standing in front of a camera. The same goes for the kids. So, it’s totally normal for the kids to act unnaturally when someone points a camera at them. At the time of taking the photograph of your kids to be patient and persistent. Lift the camera often so your kids get used to it. By the time they will forget that the camera is there and you will be able to take the most natural photos that you want to take. So get your kids used to the camera before children photoshoots.
  2. You Should Get Down To Their Level: This technique will improve taking photos of your kids. Make an effort to take the photos are their eye level, which means you should bend down or can even lay down on the floor to take the perfect shot. Children’s portrait ideas can easily come to your mind if you get down to their level.
  3. Try To Shoot Everything: It’s not ideal just to take the photos at big moments. Attempt to shoot during the in-between times rather than taking on the time of blowing out candles or opening presents etc, or also shoot candid kids’ feet.
  4. Try To Focus On Their Eyes: Most of the cameras nowadays have the ability to control the focus point manually. Try to stick that focus point to your kid’s eyes. This will make sure to have the pin-sharp focus of the face parts like the iris or pupil. The main thing in this is to focus on kids photography.
  5. Making the Face Brightest: You always want to make sure the face of your kid is the brightest thing in the whole photo. This may not be the case all time but this is one of the things that you might need to consider. Do Not take the only color photographs also take black and white pictures of children.
  6. Get a Simple Background: Kids generally dressed very colorfully. The background should not be very complicated. Make it simple so the kids look at the main part of the photo, not the background. Just make sure there are no tree branches or telegraph poles of your subject body or head in the background. And you should avoid having more than three people in a group portrait. If you want to take great photography you have to think about it.
  7. Shooting Discreetly: If you have failed to get your kids used to the camera then try and take sneaky photos of them. You can do this by acting like you are checking your camera, while actually, you are taking their photos. The flip-out LCD screen is the best way to take these kinds of photos. You can do this by practicing shooting with the camera away from your face with this kind of camera. This is one most interesting photoshoot ideas for kids.
  8. Showing Your Face: While taking your kids’ photos it’s important that you show your face to them rather than hiding behind the camera. Make sure you slightly lowered your camera from your face. This will make sure you have natural contact with your kids.
  9. Make Sure the Light is Good Enough: When taking photos of your children light is the most important thing. Try to use natural lights as much as possible, this will make your photo more natural-looking. Like taking the kid near the window and then taking the photo.
  10. Make Sure You Have The Right Camera: Not every camera takes the photo that you want. If you want to take really good photos of your children you may want to invest some on a good camera. The money will come and go but memories stay forever’s. To make sure that your memories are in great shape get a good camera. You can get a good camera from Amazon. And if you ask me to suggest one for you then I’ve two cameras to suggest to you that will take perfect photos you want. One is Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II Mirrorless Digital Camera and the second one is Sony Alpha a6000 Mirrorless Digitial Camera