Top 10 Newborn Baby Photography tips

So you are going to become parents soon or already having a newborn baby, and wondering how you should take some great memorable photos of your new baby? Then you are in the right post. Taking photographs of a newborn baby is always my favorite thing to do. Seeing a family in their first week, I just love it. The adorable parents feel and their amazement that they’ve created a tiny little human is something great to see.
Capturing these great adorable moments is something that every photographer would want to do. Even as a parent you will never want to miss these moments. If there is ant portrait session that deserves to be nailed that’s defiantly the newborn baby photography sessions. I’ve prepared some great tips from my experience that will help you to take a great photograph of your newborn baby. These tips not only for photographers but also for parents who want to take a photograph of their new family member.

1. Preparation

Bear in mind a loose shot list of the photographs what you’re going to take. Find out how many peoples are going to be present at the session. Will there be the parents present? Or the siblings? Even the grandparents will be there or not? Be prepared to take the right shot with the right person. Have to take the serious preparation before taking pictures of newborn babies.

2. Clothing

You’ll see that you end up in all sorts of strange positions while getting just the right position for a tiny baby! So you need to make sure you wear clothes that make comfortable to move around and stretching. Make the perfect decision to choose the right newborn clothes for the photoshoot.

3. Essentials

Make sure if there is anything that the parents are particularly looking for their newborn portraits. Ask them if they have seen any photographs that they also like to do. So the time it happens that parents want to capture the same photo that they have seen somewhere. You may have to face some family photography questionnaire.

4. Baby’s age

Professional photographers or the studio photographers want to the baby’s photographs in the first week but if you are taking home sessions photos then two weeks is generally fine to go with. I usually prefer to photograph a newborn baby after 6-10 days. By this time parents have time to settle them and ready for the photography sessions. 1-month baby picture ideas are different from 6-10 days baby.

5. Parents Clothing

Before starting the photography sessions it’s important that parents wear some decent clothes. This will make sure the photos look great and live. You can make some suggestions to the parents on what they should wear. Or if you are the parent make sure you wear something that goes with your interest. New moms can wear a loose T-shirt as it’s more flattering for baby weight. I suggest parents take off their watches as it distracts the shot.

6. Time and lighting

Ask the parent at what time of the day they would like to take the photograph and will not conflict with their working routine. If you are a parent then make sure you have the right time chosen for the sessions. So that you can concentrate on your baby photo session. And for the light make sure you have enough light whether it is natural light or using lighting kits. Light does have a great effect on the photographs.

7. Chatting

It’s always best practice to have a small chat with the parents before going for the photo-shoot session. This will make them comfortable sharing their thoughts with you if they have any. You can also discuss if there have newborn photo ideas with siblings. Take some time to get some experience with newborn baby first before photographing one. Newborn babies are different and need more attention than a grown kid.

8. Be careful

You need to make sure that you have washed your hand before handling a newborn baby. And if you have some sort of illness make sure you postponed the session. Baby’s health is the priority here.

9. Timing

It’s easiest to take certain shots when the baby is sleeping. Try to close-ups of their tiny toes. Be attentive to take the natural pose of newborn and mom photography.


Make sure you are speaking with the newborn baby while taking photos. If you do this they will get used to your voice and will make your work go easy. If the baby is falling asleep they wait a few minutes before taking any photos, because the sound of the Sutter can disturb their sleep. Don’t move the baby around until they’re in deep sleep.

11. Feeding

It’s always the best idea to feed the baby before starting the photo session. Because a hungry baby will not be the best model for you. After feeding time the best time for newborn photos.

12. Touching

When you are taking photos of a newborn baby, you might need to touch the this case, make sure your hands are warm before touching the baby because newborns are sensitive to touch and temperature.

13. Camera

When taking photos of newborns, make sure you have the perfect camera. Because you want to make sure your angles also looks like an angel in the photos. If you ask me then I would say Canon 5D mark iii and Canon 6d mark ii are the best cameras to take newborns photos. I own two of these cameras and they are just excellent.

14. Camera Lens

You need to think about the camera lens also before taking newborns photos. My favorite lenses are Canon EF 100m f/2.8L which gives close-up details and the Tamron 90mm f/2.8 DI SP which gives the best focus of the babyface.

For close-up shots, a cheaper like this one will do great. If you want to go for more invest then portrait lens is the Canon 85mm f/1.8, or if you’re a Nikon shooter, the Nikon 85mm f/1.8.
For the group shots with newborn and family members, then an affordable lens will be Canon 50mm f/1.8 STM or Nikon 50mm f/1.8G. These lenses will make sure you have the perfect photograph of your newborn baby. For perfect, you have to choose the best lens for newborn photography.

Final thoughts

I prepared these tips for photographing newborn babies. I’ve experienced baby photographing for more than 12 years now and have taken more than one thousand baby photos. This is the reason I’m very much in tune with babies moods and habits which really helps me to get my job done successfully. Try to follow the tips, does not matter if you are a photographer or a new parent, these tips are for both.